Marriage to Immigrants — Can an Immigration Attorney Help?

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Marriage to Immigrants — Can an Immigration Attorney Help?

A green card marriage visa is a marriage between a US citizen and an alien who would ordinarily be ineligible for citizenship because of being unmarried. This status is granted by the US federal government for certain types of people. Some of them are immigrants, minors with special skills or relatives with permanent residence in america. Green card acceptance for spouses of US citizens is also given to lawful permanent residents of United States. Green card processing times take longer since the process is based on threat.

An immigrant with marriage green card can’t be granted an immigrant visa until he or she is approved for advance parole. The immigrant can apply for an immigrant visa for the spouse or children coming to the United States together. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) grants immigrant visas to spouses who can provide proof of marriage to their American partner. Proof of marriage can be provided either via a marriage certificate or a signed marriage certificate from the principal applicant. Sometimes this proof isn’t available from the principal applicant. When the marriage certificate isn’t available, the applicant must provide documentary evidence such as a notarized copy of the marriage certificate or a birth certificate for the principal applicant.

An immigrant with marriage green card who wishes to bring their family along may also apply for an immigrant L-1 visa or an immigrant L visa by applying to the Department of State’s Bureau of Immigration and Customs. There are different programs available for spouses of United States citizens or immigrants who are eligible for naturalization as either an immigrant or non-immigrant. Marriage Green Card An immigrant with a green card might need to get an immigrant visa in order to sponsor an immediate relative, including himself or herself. Sponsoring a direct relative requires a signed I visa application.

Permanent resident status (green card) is achieved through the finish of a lawful permanent resident program. To achieve this status, an immigrant must initially enter the United States legally by coming through an airport or landing on an air or sea vessel. After arriving in the USA, the immigrant must be eligible for admission as an immigrant, dependent upon their entrance status and whether he or she is married or not. After attaining the lawful permanent resident status, the immigrant may apply for adjustment of status, referred to as adjustment of status.

The legal immigrant may also apply for adjustment of status if he or she becomes bankrupt, has a severe medical condition or has separated or divorced her or his spouse. They must not have been allowed deportation relief while the application was pending. An immigrant cannot change his or her status if he or she has entered the country illegally by having purchased or otherwise obtained real property without making sure the property was lawfully purchased. Immigrants cannot change their status if they have become a public charge such as a dependent or unlawful immigrant. He or she cannot change status when the period of lawfully practicing the profession ends unless he or she first requests that change.

There are two methods used to adjust status. The applicant can go through the naturalization process, also referred to as the visa process, or they can file for an immigrant visa, also called the green card procedure. Immigration benefits are awarded to lawful permanent residents and their spouses who satisfy the requirements for attaining green card status. Two of the requirements are that the applicants must have reached age eighteen years; they need to be physically capable of performing the duties required of an immigrant, and they need to have an intention to return to India or remain in India permanently.

Each year, a certain number of qualified candidates will be selected to look at the interview part of the naturalization process. Applicants may apply for green card by completing the application at any US consulate or embassy abroad, or they may apply online at the closest U.S. consulate. During the interview component of the process, applicants must provide documentary evidence that they meet all of the eligibility requirements. When interviewed, a consular officer will analyze the documents provided and determine if the applicants qualify to apply for a green card.

If the applicants do qualify, they will be given an application that they will need to file with the US Department of State. It is very important to remember that once a green card application is filed in the wrong way, it may not be processed . As a result, an immigrant visa might not be issued, or the marriage between the foreign spouse and US citizen won’t be legalized. For this reason, it is quite important for anyone who wishes to adjust status to consult an immigration lawyer, who can represent them before the USCIS, or immigration judges.

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