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 to the campus community without disrupting the academic environment. August many of the construction projects are on track to be completed by the time classes start in late.

Here are a few of the developments that are new can get to see this fall:

A brand new dining hall that is residential!

A former food court, Café 84 will be transformed into USC’s 3rd formal dining hall. Another facility that is dining Everybody’s Kitchen (EVK), will get a remodel along with the addition of the brand new grill section and a Starbucks!

A upgrade that is beautiful the middle of campus!

Hahn Plaza (the area in the front of Tommy Trojan) is getting a makeover! The plaza has been enhanced with a brick that is beautiful and with the redesign of thePatsy and Forrest Shumway Water Fountain.

A new home for Trojan Athletes!

The much opening that is anticipated of John McKay Center is fast approaching! Annually and a half within the making, this new facility that is athletic office complex are going to be starting its doorways to pupils and athletes come early july. The McKay Center will serve once the true home for Trojan athletics and house a range training facilities, including a training football industry within the basement level!

You can find more detailed information on future USC construction projects including plans for the redevelopment associated with the University Village, the brand new Uytengsu Aquatics Center, the completion of the Cinematic Arts involved and many more projects.

Summer Olympics

The opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics is coming up this Friday! Whether you adore watching individual events or team events, there’s something for everybody.

The London Olympics also provide a chance to cheer on current and former Trojans! There will be more than 30 athletes participating in sports such as water polo, volleyball, and track representing the Trojan family members. There are lots of present USC coaches whom will be lending their coaching expertise during the games that are olympic.

USC has a tradition that is long of Olympic athletes. From 1904 to 2008, there were almost 400 athletes who either attended the university before, during, or after their Olympic competition. USC has sent more athletes towards the Olympics than just about any university and our athletes have made a grand total of 262 medals.

The Olympics are a definite time to cheer on our country’s athletes and also unite together on a platform that is global. We enjoy watching the beach volleyball matches and I also’m excited to see just how far the 2 former Trojans competing in beach volleyball go! look out for all of USC’s many competitors—they that is olympic might bring house the gold.

The Expo Line is open!! finally!

After six years of anticipation the expansion of Los Angeles’s light rail train system shmoop pro (Los Angeles Metro) has finally exposed. The Expo Line is the perfect means for USC students, staff, and faculty to have across the city without getting behind the wheel. The brand new line has three stops directly down the street from our campus. One end is on the northeast side of campus and also the other two take the south side of campus.

By utilizing the Expo Line, students can go just about anywhere in the city and take advantage that is full of Los Angeles has to offer. It is just a short five-minute trip on the Expo Line to the LA Metro Station and from there students can connect to the other light rail train lines that run through the city.

Some members of our workplace have already traded in their cardinal and parking that is gold for a monthly metro pass to overcome their commutes to work. Our office is slowly overtaking most of the seats regarding the 8:18am train! Our experience happens to be wonderful and we’re excited to inform pupils and families about the convenience of getting around l . a . when we hit the road in the next few weeks for our fall recruitment travel.

Welcome Right Back, Students!

Summer is coming to a detailed. Classes at USC resume a few weeks. And probably the most things that are exciting happening on campus this week—our students are moving in! Our campus is busy with students and families getting everything all set for the year that is academic. Welcome Week has officially begun.

In between the necessary tasks like signing up for the USCard , becoming knowledgeable about the libraries on campus, and picking out a meal plan, students and parents have actually multiple events and activities to select from during Welcome Week. There was a greeting Reception specifically for moms and dads hosted by the USC Parents Council while the workplace for Parent Programs to start out parents that are connecting all the resources our campus has to offer them. Lots of the departments that are academic campus are keeping open houses for students to come meet faculty, staff, and other current students of their program. There is A perform Study Job Fair and an Involvement Fair, as we find it is necessary for USC students to lead a balanced life outside of the classroom as well as inside the class room. During the evenings, you will find activities such being a ‘Welcome Back Dance,’ a DJ performance, and— one of the more events&mdash that is anticipated the Fall Carnival and Concert.

As you are able to imagine, it’s quite a time that is busy campus! It’s exciting to see new freshmen moving in and just starting to realize what their college experience might entail. It’s refreshing to see faces that are familiar to campus after studying abroad or working over the summer. Most of all, we’re excited to see our whole community back together in one place at the start of a new educational year.

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